LUBANA Moisturizing Gel

LUBANA Feuchtigkeitsgel
This gel is vitalizing and intensively moisturizing as well as moisture-retaining.

A specific formula made of L-arginine, larch sugar, natrium PCA, and natrium lactate prevents your skin from drying and supplies the skin with long-term moisture. Skin irritations are reduced and wrinkles are smoothed out.


Extracts of the copper PCA serve as a valuable mineral-rich source for stressed skin and help the skin in its reproduction process. Very suitable for sensitive skin and also for man after shaving.


This basic, highly effective moisturizing gel with a pH value of about 7.6 is also energized with the Flower of Life.

Moreover, the Moisturizing Gel is now available in a recyclable airless pump dispenser, which is made out of glass. Hence, nothing remains inside the packaging and the product can be taken out of the package hygienically and completely.


Airless dispensers are a modern, sophisticated and innovative packaging solution for cosmetics. They have a special importance in the area of organic, natural cosmetics. The package protects the content from harmful substances in the air, such as oxygen (oxidation), germs or fungal spores. Therefore, it is possible to develop cosmetic with far less and more gentle preservatives - which is especially an advantage for organic products.


No air gets into the dispenser system. Airless is a solution that is free from propelling gas and therefore more secure and sustainable. More natural, less waste, less preservatives, more organic: The airless packaging solution stands for highest quality as well as more performance for our quality conscious customers.

In our opinion, quality deserves glass!

- vegan  -

Price: 37,92 €

Amount: 50 ml

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