LUBANA Cleansing Foam

Lubana Reinigungsschaum
Creamy cleansing foam for every skin type, able to thoroughly remove dirt particles and make up residues. Carefully chosen mild detergent base prevent the clogging of sebaceous glands and eliminate blackheads.
Acteoside and berberine have an antibacterial effect and synergistically prevent local dermatitis. You provide your skin with velvety soft care and obtain a healthy appearance. An overall optimal preparation for the following Lubana personal care products.

A light rose scent acts harmonizing and relaxes all senses.

This basic cleansing foam is additionally energized with the Flower of Life.
- vegan  -

Price: 25,24 €

Amount: 125 ml

To open push up the upper protruding edge of the closure and to extract the foam push on the bottle as needed.


To close just push the closure cap back down.

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