LUBANA Enzyme Peeling

Lubana Enzympeeling

Peeling powder for enzymatic deep cleansing of the skin. Additionally, bamboo powder gently and thoroughly removes dead skin cells and thus providing a soft and radiant complexion.


Colostrum slows down cell aging and has a regenerating effect. Impurities disappear faster, therefore recommendable with a tendency to acne or impure skin. The complexion of your skin becomes refined and following Lubana personal care products will be absorbed better.



Put some powder into your hand, lather it up with some water and apply onto face, neck, and cleavage. Allow it to work a little bit and wash off with plenty of water. Use 1-3 times per week.


The particularly effective peeling powder is also additionally energized with the Flower of Life.


In order to prepare your skin for the precious active ingredients you should always use a peeling before you apply cream. This way the nurturing ingredients can be absorbed more easily.


Powder peelings on the basis of enzymes are very effective and yet gentle. Even your tan does not fade, but appears more evenly.


- Not vegan (colostrum) -

Price: 37,92 €

Amount: 40 g

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