About us

Owner Marita Kraus

We have decided to manufacture alkaline natural cosmetics in uncompromising quality and in accordance with our requirements.
It has been years that our focus has been on the wholesome health counseling including the regulation of the acid-base-balance. In the course of our work we had to realize that there was not one natural cosmetic product available on the market which would meet our demands. It seemed obvious, that we should conceive alkaline natural cosmetic products ourselves and according to our own criteria. The implementation of our plans took us a lot of energy, willingness to learn, money, and a bit of luck in always finding the right partners.

We like to believe that we have succeeded. Now we are of course proud to be able to hold the first glasses in our hands, filled with our creams. The plants for our raw materials originate, wherever possible, from wild harvest or from organic farming. Our motto: respect nature, don't destroy it.

Our products, for which we stand with our name, are much more than just cosmetics. They nourish your skin so that the skin cells survive longer and remain functional for a very long time. That is indeed the secret to a more beautiful and healthier skin. We place great importance on scientifically confirmed effects. All our products introduced onto the market have a pH value of about 7.6. Even in the future, we will remain open to ideas and suggestions of our customers and desire as far as it is possible implement those as well. 

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