How does hyperacidity emerge?

The increasing formation acids in the body are caused by stress, unbalanced diet (fast food, sugar, wheat flour*, not enough vegetables and fruit), and unhealthy lifestyle (stress, coffee, cigarettes, worry, fear) together with a lack of physical activity. They disturb the natural acid-base-balance essential to the optimal function of our bodies. Excessive acids are, apart from the kidneys and bladder, also excreted through its largest organ, the skin.
As a result, an acid layer is formed on the surface of the skin, a mantle of substances the body is getting rid of.
This acidic environment damages the natural skin flora and encourages the growth of fungus which can only develop in such an environment. If then one continues to care for the skin with modern, acidic body care products, the hyperacidity is even reinforced. Instead of getting rid of acids one is accumulating more and more acids for one due to the increased acidification within the organism and also due to the additional supply of acids from the outside via acidic cosmetics. A vicious cycle, that needs to be stopped. Alkaline body care products offer an alternative. In order to bring the body back into balance it is imperative to drink a lot of water. In addition to a consistent and persistent change of your diet, help your body to get rid of those acidic toxins. The alkaline body care makes its substantial contribution. Ultimately, acids are being neutralized through sufficient and qualitative minerals, through alkaline baths, and alkaline cosmetic products. The body is able to release toxic acids using the principle of osmosis and the self-healing power can regenerate connective tissue and skin. The appearance of the skin improve visibly since only overacidified skin looks tired, saggy, and pale. If, by contrast, the skin is liberated from blocking acids, it can recuperate and fulfill its real functions. It appears more natural and fresh.

*Ancient cereal, like e.g. spelt, are basically metabolized

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