FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Are Lubana products vegan?

All our products are vegan except for the Night Cream (beeswax), Eye Fluid (beeswax) and the Enzyme Peeling (colostrum).


Do you produce your products in Germany?


Yes, all our products are produced in Germany. Moreover, we obtain the certified raw materials to 90 % from Germany.


Why did you switch from glass bottles to airless dispensers?


The Day Cream, Night Cream, Vitamin E Cream, Moisturizing Gel and the Eye Fluid are offered in glassy, airless dispensers since the beginning of 2015.


We offered the Moisturizing Gel as well as the Eye Fluid in dispensers, which left too much cream inside the bottle, so we had to find a more sustainable solution. As the usually used airless dispensers are made out of acryl or plastic materials, we decided against them according to our credo "quality deserves glass" and found a more suitable solution in Italy.


Only recently a supplier offered airless dispensers, which are entirely made out of glass.


From now on you can use our products hygienically and take the whole cream out of the package without any losses.


Airless dispensers are a modern, sophisticated and innovative packaging solution for cosmetics. They have a special importance in the area of organic, natural cosmetics. The package protects the content from harmful substances in the air, such as oxygen (oxidation), germs or fungal spores. Therefore, it is possible to develop cosmetic with far less and more gentle preservatives - which is especially an advantage for organic products.


No air gets into the dispenser system. Airless is a solution that is free from propelling gas and therefore more secure and sustainable. More natural, less waste, less preservatives, more organic: The airless packaging solution stands for highest quality as well as more performance for our quality conscious customers.


Those dispensers are recyclable and certified - the same way as the content itself.


Is a Night Cream necessary?


"... can I just simply use my Day Cream, since I have a normal skin type and have the impression that using a Night Cream would be a bit too much?"


We receive this question quite often.


Our answer is always the same - you have to take into account that the skin functions differently during the day compared to the night. During the day, the skin's function is focused on protection, renewing the hydrolipidic film as well as protecting the skin against environmental factors.


In contrast, during the night the function shifts towards regeneration. Cell damages are repaired and the blood flow as well as the absorption of nutrients is significantly higher than during the day. Additionally, the sebum production decreases.

Environmental factors, aging, stress or other strains can disturb the skin's natural rhythm and decrease the degree of regeneration. Therefore, night creams support the natural regeneration process and are particularly rich in active ingredients.


The day cream is due to the above mentioned characteristics not suitable for the night care of the skin.


What is the difference between chemical, mechanic and enzymatic peelings and which one is offered by Lubana?


Chemical peelings contain milk-, fruit-, or salicylic acid that congeal the protein in the skin. The skin can be more sensitive to light for a few days after application.


Mechanic peelings are generally better tolerated as the previous method. They contain abrasive particles such as salt, sugar or ground fruit stones. In some cases they contain microplastic, which are tiny plastic balls that are suspected to pollute then environment and consequently the human body, since those particles can end up in our food.


Enzymatic peelings are less strong, which makes them suitable for sensitive skin. Added enzymatic ingredients divide protein connections, which keep the cell junctions together. Hence, dead cells are loosened and removed.


The Lubana Enzyme Peeling combines the advantages of the mechanic and enzymatic peeling. Our skin renews itself within ca. 28 days and the skin cells move upwards until they reach the surface, where they eventually die off. Added bamboo particles carry off the dead skin cells, which were enzymatically loosened. The horny layer is softened and the pores look smaller. Hence, the skin gets activated and becomes soft and smooth, the skin surface looks more even and the light is reflected better.


Is my sun tan getting more pale if I use a peeling?


No, on the contrary, due to the peeling the complexion looks more even and refreshed, since only the loose skin cells are removed. Those can even make the skin seem dry and pale. The sun tan is lost when the skin cells move upwards from the inner skin layers, which happen within a 28 day cycle.


Why do you don't offer samples?


Due to several reasons we don't offer professional samples (except for the Body Lotion).


Normally our customers experience a changeover phase that can take a while - and sample sizes don't last that long, which prevents you from experiencing the amazing results that our products can achieve.


Often we hear from our customers that they feel the need to apply the creams several times in the beginning. Depending on your skin type the conversion procedure may take longer or shorter, sometimes it also doesn't even occur - every skin reacts uniquely. Since the skin renewal process lasts 28 days, you should consider this timeframe for your skin. Keep in mind that you give your biggest excretory organ - the skin - the opportunity to release slags and acids due to the alkaline skin care.


As samples usually last only for a few days it is impossible to get valid test results. We highly recommend to consult our customer feedback page on our German website.


Furthermore we would like to point out that our cosmetic doesn't manipulate the skin, but it positively regulates it. Hence, the skin is enabled to find the optimal skin balance. For this reason Lubana offers products that fit to every skin type, even for very sensitive skin and children.


Another reason that speaks against sample sizes is that all our products are energized with the Flower of Life, which is not possible with sample packages.

We rather invest in raw materials of highest quality and quantity as well as high-quality glass packaging from Italy instead of sample products.


However, in order to enable you to test our products in regard to the texture, scent and skin tolerance, we gladly send you small fillings (ca. 5ml) of 4 products.


Additionally you get a sample body lotion (10 ml).


Please transfer 15,00 € to our bank account using the reference "Samples". You receive 10,00 € discount on your follow-up-order.


Bank connection:
BLZ: 720 200 70
KtNr.: 360 428 672
IBAN: DE90 7202 0070 0360 4286 72


Please let us know which 4 products you would like to try out.


Please notice that we can not ship sample sizes of the Eye Fluid, Facial Toner, Cleansing Foam and the Shower Mousse due to technical reasons.


Last but not least: Please don't forget to tell us you address.


What does "energized with the Flower of Life" mean?


All Lubana products are energized with the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is the most important drawing of the "sacred geometry" and was discovered in all cultures of our planet. The oldest illustration that is currently known (ca. 4500 years old) can be found at the columns at the Osireion in Abydos in Egypt. The Flower of Life symbolizes the primordial pattern, the original structure of all life. The Flower of Life triggers an order impulse.


Due to the radiation of information it is very likely that the atoms remind their initial function. The Flower of Life contains all information of life - hence you take exactly what you need out of the unlimited offering. The Flower of Life correlates with the golden ratio, which creates an empowering vibration field. Each cell recognises that and tries to align itself with its origin. According to respected scientists our body cells don't only need energy and biochemical substances, but foremost information.


This induced us amongst other things to energize the Lubana products as well - in accordance with our philosophy that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Due to the transfer of information the skin is enabled to gain more glow, balance and inner harmony.


How long can your products be used as soon as they are opened?


Our products are good at least up to 6 months after the opening of the package.


Some products, such as the Enzyme Peeling, are good until 12 months.


Is Lubana involved in any social activities?

Since Mrs Kraus is founding member of the child palliative care in Lower Bavaria (Kinder-Palliativ-Hilfe Niederbayern e.V.), we donate to this institution.


We would be delighted to hear if you decide to donate for this institution, too:


Kinder-Palliativ-Hilfe Niederbayern e.V.
Konto-Nummer: 20377371
BLZ: 743 500 00
Sparkasse Landshut


Reference: "Kinderpalliativhilfe Niederbayern e.V."

The donations can be subtracted from taxes.


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