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Luxury - Bases - Natural Cosmetics

We welcome you to our pages of alkaline natural cosmetics, a natural alkaline line of products on the basis of vegetable oils. Our products focus on the nature and the patterns of healthy skin.


Look around, gather information and be surprised about our new innovative products. The knowledge with regards to the function and the importance of our acid-base balance led us to create a new natural cosmetic line. We truly believe that the skin, our largest organ of elimination, should be treated with alkaline minerals.


It is not our only aim to manufacture alkaline natural cosmetics in uncompromising quality, but we also energize our products with the Flower of Life.


As quartz, in other words glass, is most suitable (used as storage medium), almost all our natural cosmetics are bottled in high quality glasses, with just a few exceptions like shower mousse and cleansing foam.

The name of our line - LUBANA

Is derived from

LUxury - BAses - NAtural Cosmetics

We want to do justice to the name in every way.
Simply try our products, which are rich in active ingredients.

Alkaline Natural Cosmetic Products


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