LUBANA Alkaline bath

Lubana Basenbad
Lubana Basenbad

The Lubana alkaline bath is suitable for a full bath, foot bath or hip bath. It is a blessing for the body and helps to get rid of metabolic waste. We recommend to bath at a temperature of 37 degree Celsius for 30 minutes, if you are used to it for 60 minutes or even longer.


The bath water will achieve an alkaline level due to the pH level of 8,5 until 9,0, which washes out the acids and metabolic waste of the body. Since the skin is the biggest excretory organ of the body, the alkaline bath relieves the whole body.


The special addition of magnesium salts - also called the salt of the inner silence - as well as additional trace minerals of the Himalaya salt calm down the nerves and relax the muscles.


The transdermal intake of magnesium ions is much more effective than the oral intake, especially when applied as a foot bath.


Furthermore, magnesium salts prevent the skin from dehydration and activates the own-fat function, which makes the skin soft and smooth.

Preis: 34,02 €

 Menge: 1200 g


Preis: 19,40 €

Menge: 500 g

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