LUBANA Facial Mask


Harmonizing and skin rejuvenating

Due to an unusually high concentration of antioxidants in the added baobab fibers the mask builds up an intensive skin protection. Almond oil, burdock seed oil, as well as shea butter and cocoa butter improve the oxygen absorption of your skin, harmonizing the metabolism of the skin, and improving the skin tension and elasticity. This mask effectively compensates various skin conditions. It has an exceptional anti-ageing effect and thus contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin.


The facial mask is also energized with the flower of life.


 - vegan -

Apply generously on cleansed face; let it soak as long as you want.


Softly remove the rest or even better, massage your skin with the rest. Every tiny bit is wasted if not for the good of your skin. Afterwards cleanse with face tonic and apply the usual care products.


A small tip: Take this mask with you on your next vacation, your sun-kissed skin will appreciate it! The antioxidants within the added baobab extracts work against free radicals and regenerate irritated skin.


Additionally, we recommend to use this mask once per week as a night mask and to apply it lightly on the skin. Due to the high concentration of antioxidants this mask actively works against the environmental stress.

Price: 29,15 €

Quantity: 30 ml

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