Flower of Life

All LUBANA products are energized with the flower of life. It is the most important drawing of the "holy geometry" and has been found in all cultures on earth. The oldest image known (about 4500 years old) at present is located at the pillars of Osireion at Abydos in Middle Egypt. It symbolizes the master sample, the master structure of all life. The flower of life sets an impulse for order.

Through the information sent it is quite likely that the atoms remember their original function. The flower of life carries all information of life within itself - thus being able to take, from that unlimited offer, exactly what one needs. Based on the symbolic the flower of life corresponds to the Golden Cut thus establishing a stronger vibratory field. Every cell discerns that and tries to align itself to its original state. According to renowned researchers our body cells do not only need energy and biochemical substances but also and most of all information.

That led us, amongst other things, to energize the products of the new LUBANA cosmetic line with it, in line with our philosophy that the whole is more than just the sum of the single parts. Through the transfer of information the skin can now gain more radiance, balance, and inner harmony.

The flower of life is attached at the bottom of the glass and can be pulled off and reused once the content has been used up. Use the flower of life wherever you want to set an impulse in order to reestablish the natural, perfect order.

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