Story and Purpose

Our ancestors were used to clean the body with alkaline products. But also other cultures, such as the Egyptians had knowledge about alkaline body care. Hence, they took a bath for regeneration in the lake Natrun, a natron lake.


Even at the time of our grandparents it was common to use alkaline body care products. Soft soaps with a high pH-value as well as quark poultices have been a tried and true body care. Therefore, a special alkaline body care was not even necessary.


The story of acid cosmetics began in the 1050's. At that time the cosmetic industry switched more and more to acid cosmetics, since newly developed emulsifiers made it easier to develop formulations within an acid milieu.


"...A modern body care including shower lotion and shampoo (contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is a common garage floor cleaner from the 1960's!) mostly has an acid pH-value of 5,8, sometimes even less than 5(!) and unfortunately pushes the acid body excretions back into the body, instead of capturing them. That's not a real body care..."

(quote by Andreas Campobasso: Stop! Die Umkehr des Alterungsprozesses; translated by Lubana).


Since the last 20 to 30 years the skin care of the cosmetics industry undergoes a constant shift of the average pH-level from 6,5 to 5,0! These products are often labelled as pH skin neutral, which means that the pH-value of adult test subjects was measured.

The pH-value is measured on a scale from 1-14, while the neutral value is at 7. Everything below is called acid and everything above is called alkaline. A pH-value of 6 is 10 times as acid as a value of 7; and a value of 5 is 100 times as acid as a pH-value of 7, since the system is designed logarithmically.


Therefore, if you claim a pH-value of 5 or 6 as pH-neutral, then this happens because almost everyone has an acid skin surface nowadays. Unfortunately, the cosmetic industry orientates itself on this figure.


One has to know that fungi survive foremost at an acid milieu of pH 3,5 and pH 5,5. Skin with a pH-value of e.g. 8,5 is much more alkaline as the milieu of a fungus, which will disappear. We choose a pH-value of ca. 7,6 for our products, because we stay within the level of the pH-value of the body fluids (e.g. blood, lymph, tears). In the past everyone showered with curd soap, which had positive effects on the skin. Curd soap is even much more alkaline than our shower mousse. Curd soap has an calming and regenerating effect on stressed skin and we intended the same with our shower mousse.


Body care with alkaline natural cosmetics helps the skin to eliminate harmful substances and neutralised acids through the perspiratory glands as well as the oil glands.

However, what are the root causes for this development and what is the often-quoted "acid mantle" of the skin?

If we look at the beginning of life, we will see an alkaline milieu. The amniotic fluid, which protectively surrounds the foetus for 9 months, has an alkaline pH-value of 8,0-8,5. Andreas Campobasso outlines in his book "Stopp! Die Umkehr des Alterungsprozesses":"...the so-called acid mantle does not exist! This phenomenon simply exists as the body tries to get rid of acids through the skin. (...) By the way, pathogenic agents love the skin milieu of the modern consumers. Babies don't have an acid mantle, the nature probably knows why. The right care is always focused on alkaline products. Only this natural care achieces beautiful, juvenile skin..." (translated by Lubana).


The outside equals the inside

As described above, our body fluids such as blood (pH 7,35-7,45), saliva (pH 7,5) or the tear fluid (pH 7,35) are naturally alkaline.


The body sensitively reacts to too much acid - it would already be deadly if the pH-value of the blood would fall below 7,2. In order to avoid that, there are contingency strategies that our organism applies. If the buffer systems of the blood - haemoglobin and bicarbonate - are not sufficient anymore, most of the acid has to be stored elsewhere, so that the blood doesn't reach the acid pH-level. This happens in the conjunctive tissue, which is responsible for the supply of the body cells.


If the acid overload does not only exits temporarily, then the acid storage would destroy the collagen fibres. The conjunctive tissue slackens, which results in cellulitis and stretch marks. Alkaline body care could counteract in return and tighten the tissue.

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